Welcome to Ghoul's Basement!

Glad you found your way to here. This website is mainly hobby & hobby-project focused, just for fun and for tracking my zombies gameplay/record breaking attemps and so on. I will probably upload/post something else non-related things to this page too. You'll find those things up in the navigation bar. They will get content when the time comes.

What I will find from this site?

I'm glad you asked! Most things are and will be around my Youtube channel and Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies. Somethings in the other hand, would be about my pc building passion, or anything related to it really. Airsoft, WH40K (Warhammer 40K) to name a few for now.

Some of the content will be as in blog form, or article form. Haven't really decided yet. The situation lives.. Mostly trying to break records and playing & enjoying custom zombies. When I started I had no idea what I wanted to make. Games have always been close to my heart so I decided to make something that is related to them. I've had this Black Ops 3 Zombies Record breaking thing going on so I came up with this: "A Zombies recording site, that's it!.

Future plans/development of the site.

I have a clear vision and ideas what I want to try, experiment, implement and accomplish. Some of the things are:

• Getting all the subsites working.

• Fill all subsites with some content.

• Gather all information of my Zombie records and archive them with the date achieved and status.

• Add an comment section.

• Make all sites mobile compatible. (As of now they're really far from it).

Something you should know...

This is my first REAL Web-project ever, so there may be some issues/bugs/etc. or something that doesn't work as intended on the page, I'm trying to work them out as best and fast I can! This page is also constantly under construction so there could be many changes anytime you visit my page!

Here's a couple videos from my youtube channel for you to enjoy in the mean time. Every video you watch on the site are "privacy protected". Meaning: No cookies are collected/used.

Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay..

Latest Gameplay Video

Latest Record Broken